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  1.  The best is Christmas song is all i want for Christmas is you by mariah carey! its so catcgy and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!
  2.  The best holiday Christmas treat is sugar cookies! because they are so good and yummy they just feel like Christmas!
  3. The best Christmas movie is home alone its so funny and its the all time best classic. if you havent seen it you havent lived
  4. I think we all know that sledding is for sure the best christmas activity ever! it is cold but so worth it. its so fun to go in the snow with your friends
  5. I think the best holiday gift is spending time with your family. it is wonderful to be with friends and family and its better than any gift.
  6. Giving to the poor is the best holiday project because they dont get anything and they need warm clothes and food to eat.
  7. this is for sure the best christmas meme
  8. he gift of service is the best goift to give because its give for others and its selfless. you can spare an hour of your day to serve
  9. Christmas fact! christmas trees were first used by ancient egypiants and romans! they invented the christmas tree!
  10. My best holiday memory is spendiing time with my family on christmas eve! we had so much fun and we got so close.

Throwback Thursday ( Shows all lit kids watched)

Hello AMAZING peoples! Thanks for reading my blog. Today I’m doing throwback Thursday on the most amazing kid shows that hopefully we’ve all seen. And i’m not talking daniel tiger, or bubble guppies, Im talking about pretty old shows that if you have older siblings you have most likely seen.  Some of these shows I totally forgot about and once I saw them memories came flooding back. I am going to show you some shows and tell me in the comments how many you have seen! 



If you have seen this amount of number this 


  1. Oof
  2. That’s sad
  3. Whyyyyy
  4. Danggggg
  5. Ehhhh ok….
  6. Alright okkkk
  7. Oh ya
  8. OH YEAH!
  10. GODLY


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My Dream Bedroom!

Hello Friends, Peers, and Fellow students! Thanks for reading my post, Today Im telling you all my absolute all time dream bedroom! I do know however most of these things will most likely never happen but it’s ok to dream.    🙂


  1. Kitchen : I would want this because I love yo cook, It would be so fun to chill and cook food whenever in the comfort of my bedroom. I would just Need a fridge, microwave, stove, sink ect.45 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas - Kitchen Makeover Before & Afters40 Best White Kitchen Ideas - Photos of Modern White Kitchen Designs
  2.  Maid : I would need a maid because i am very messy! I hate cleaning my room and keeping it clean, so having a full time maid would be amazing! link
  3.  Hanging Chair : I would love a hanging chair because I could sit and read or relax. Hanging chairs are so pretty and fun to sit in. It would be amazing.
  4. Round Rattan Hanging Chair with Stand | VivaTerrai0sd[Macrame Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair | LTD Commodities

Guess who?

Can you guess my character? Click here too hear the clues, comment on what your guess is!



Middle School Thoughts

Middle School is a hard place in time you’re kind of in the middle of a teenager and kid. As some people call us were “tweens”, Some pros about middle school are that we get to figure our selfs out before high school, we can make friends and we can still have fun. But some cons are Bullies, lots of homework, and drama. But if you have good friends you can go through middle school like a breeze.

Black Widow

Black Widow…………….

By: Paisley Draper


Black Widow is a super hero from the Marvel Universe who is basically a trained assassin. As a kid she trained in Russia at an all girls assassin academy. She soon after that moved on to be a shield agent then an avenger. She is feisty with spunk, she Loves to fight and she’s good at it. She always stands up for what’s right and that’s what makes her a good character.

My favorite color.

My favorite color is yellow, I makes me feel warm inside. It is so beautiful and pretty. I think yellow symbolizes happiness and joy. Yellow is the universal color of joy and that’s why I love it.








My Name.

By: Paisley.


My name is so unique and that’s why I love it. I have such an odd name but I think it fits me well. The name Paisley is a type of fabric or pattern. I was named after my mom’s friend who was fun and outgoing. She was always so kind to my mother and that’s why she named me this. My name is also used for a church or cemetary in the Scottish origin. But that’s not important because that’s not why my mom named me this. I love my name and I will never change it.




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Figuring out what to give your friends for their birthday is hard! hopefully this helps you! 12 year olds are hard to figure out, but this is my best guess at what we want.


  1.  Gift cards!!! you cant go wrong with a gift card, they can get what they want and you don’t risk getting them the wrong thing! here’s a link to get some gift cars.


2.  Sweatshirts or cool t- shirts. this is great because its easy to use comfortable and cute. here’s the link.


3.  wirless charger station. This is a great way to charge their phone and keep things organized. here’s the link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt| 


4. Cable bite, it adds a pizzazz to the tangle mess of cords they have. link


5. Official Carpool Karaoke. This is a fun microphone that kids can sing with and have a karaoke party. link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt|


6. LED Marquee Lightbox. This can give kids more decoration for their rooms while writing messages link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt| 


7. Two-Minute Tie Dye Kit this is so creative and fun. they will have so much fun. link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt|


8. 22″ Skateboardthis helps kids get active while having fun! link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt|


9. Bluetooth Beanie  this stylish hat is cool and musical! link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt|


10. Stick On Phone Pocket this cool poket is cool and also helps keep track of money cards and keys. link[artid|10055.g.29551016[src|[ch|[lt|